ANTI-GUN IN NYC? States United to Prevent Gun Violence and their Cowardly Social Experiment

Written by Angel Rodriguez on March 19, 2015

States United to Prevent Gun Violence set up a makeshift gun store here in NYC to perform a “social experiment” of sorts. When unwitting shoppers went into the store, they were then guilt tripped about looking at guns.

“Oh, you’d like to see the .22? Okay, that gun was used by a seven-year-old to kill his little sister by accident. It’s a great piece though. I mean, it kills kids, but you know; it’s a nice gun.”

They did this crap in NYC, one of the places with the strictest gun control policies in the nation. I equate their coming here and pulling that crap to taking candy from a baby. No one here is going to resist, or fight you. New York City is already as “anti-gun” a city as they can come. So let me ask you, States United to Prevent Gun Violence, what do you think that you accomplished? You are taking candy from a baby, does that make you feel proud?

I wish that I knew about this store, and that I would have been able to go in during their little experiment, then we’d make some great video! I’d love to have these guys try this guilt tripping, gun shaming nonsense with me. It is easy to do it with people who are not aware, but why not pick on a target that can fight back? If you really hate guns, and you want to stop people from owning them, take your silly little store experiment and set it up in Wichita Falls, Texas. Let me know how successful you are with your b.s propaganda in a place that stands up for their rights. New York City? You should be ashamed of yourself for conducting this social experiment here. It is cowardly of you, and really just like taking candy from a baby. Shame on you people.

Can a person walk into a gun store here in NYC and simply purchase a weapon? Hell no, they cannot! A person CANNOT buy a gun in this city without going through a lengthy permit process, a process that you cannot carry out for them. So what were you hoping to gain out of this? These fools even displayed an AR, a weapon that us New Yorkers, are not even allowed to have because of the “Assault Rifle” ban. I wish so badly that I was one of the people that went in there. I would have ripped these people to shreds. Though I bet they wouldn’t use any footage or sound bytes from someone who actually knows the gun laws like I do.

“Why are you displaying an AR, don’t you know that those are illegal here? How did you get it into the city, and why have you not been arrested for this?”

I reached out and invited these guys to come on my talk show, but I have yet to hear anything back from them. I tore them apart last Tuesday on the air, and I hope to get their attention, and that they will come on the show. I’d love to talk to them. Check out this episode of my talk show,The Hidden Report, I go in on these guys!

A gun-related social experiment, in a city that is one giant “gun-free zone,” great job, you freaking cowards.



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