Published on March 8, 2015

The PETA types are whining about the ‘sexy hunter’ who is posting ‘sickening selfies with her big game trophies’ and who also made a ‘video showing how to cook ZEBRA.’ thinks it’s awesome. Boo-frickin’-hoo you tree-humpin’ whiners.

A ‘sexy’ Czech hunter who was criticised after posting sickening selfies with her big game trophies has ignored calls to stop – and uploaded a video showing how to cook zebra.

Michaela Fialova travels all over the world to hunt and regularly posts pictures on Facebook of herself with the dead animals.

She has been slammed for the photos and a campaign was even launched to close down the 27-year-old’s page and ban her from entering Africa.

But the brunette has caused further outrage after continuing to gloat about fresh kills including giraffe and zebra.

Ms Fialova, who has been hunting since she was 13 years old, has already travelled to Slovakia and Hungary this year, where she shot boar, capercaillie and muflon.

She is currently in South Africa and has already posted pictures of herself with a giraffe, hyena and water buck.

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