BAD GRANNY: Frat’s ‘House Mom’ is ‘Heartbroken’ to be Portrayed as Racist After Being Videoed Chanting N*GGER

Published on March 11, 2015

Well, what did she expect people to label her as after seeing this video?

The ‘house mom’ from University of Oklahoma’s disgraced Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity said she’s ‘heartbroken’ about being portrayed as a racist after being caught on video chanting the n-word.

Beauton Gilbow, 79, released a statement on Tuesday after a Vine video emerged from February 2013. She appeared to be laughing and singing at a party, repeating the ‘n-word’ seven times on camera.

Gilbow said in her statement she was singing along to Trinidad James’ All Gold Everything, as Buzzfeed earlier reported. However at no point does the song used the n-word seven times in a row.

Her statement read: ‘I have been made aware that a video of me that is circulating on social media and in the news. I am heartbroken by the portrayal that I am in some way racist.

‘I have friends of all race and do not tolerate any form of discrimination in my life.

‘I was singing along to a Trinidad song, but completely understand how the video must appear in the context of the events that occurred this week.’

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See the video below: