BAD HUNTER: Watch ‘PIGMAN’ Shoot A Hog Several Times In The Direction Of His Camera Man

Written by Doug Giles on March 13, 2015

Watch ‘Pigman’ violate gun/hunter safety rules by firing several unnecessary shots at the pig while he’s facing his camera man. If I was his camera man I’d never work with Pigman again. You’re lucky you didn’t kill someone, Pigman.

BTW, Over the last 40 years I’ve successfully hunted dangerous game from Alaska to Africa, and everywhere in between.

In addition, I’ve been charged by several wild boar and have shot them off the end of my gun barrel as they were coming at me at full speed many…many… times.

At no time was there another human being or farm animal or house just beyond my target or downrange from my muzzle.  So … spare me the ‘I would have done the same thing as Pigman’ replies.



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