BECAUSE IT’S THE LEFT’S SPECIALTY: Fox News Commentator Lies About Gitmo

Written by Andrew Allen on March 30, 2015

Bruce Japsen doesn’t like Gitmo. Like all the usual suspects that dislike Gitmo he’s quick to parrot the reasons why it’s bad: terrorists should be tried in the US criminal justice system, it creates more reasons for terrorists to be terrorists, Bush Cheney, Bowe “the American hero” Bergdahl, bad America, et al. Yawn.

Appearing on Forbes on Fox Saturday, he claimed that someone had been detained at Gitmo for fourteen years. It was supposed to serve as a factoid to shock everyone into up and down head nodding agreement with his assessment. Fourteen whole years! In the Bush Cheney gulags! Oh the humanity of it all.

Except the math doesn’t work out. For someone to have been detained at Gitmo 14 years to the day, he or she would have had to arrive there in March of 2001. That’s about a year before Gitmo opened and six months before 9/11 happened. Moreover, March 2001 was only the second month of the Bush Presidency. To state that someone was a Gitmo detainee that long ago would suggest that he or she was a Clinton-era detainee — adding in time required to capture and move someone to Guantanamo Bay.

It may be that Japsen in the heat of the moment botched the numbers. Maybe. All the same, it may be that he needed a rhetorical molotov to help his argument along.
A shame no one on the show called Japsen out for his purposeful falsehood.



Andrew Allen
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