BOOM: Melee In Maine, 9,000+ Welfare Leeches Dumped From Food Stamp Rolls

Published on March 25, 2015

Cue the Democrat rage in 3..2..1…

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — More than 9,000 Maine residents have been removed from the state’s food stamp program since Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s administration began enforcing work and volunteer requirements late last year, officials said.

The number of people that have been dropped from the program has exceeded even the administration’s expectations.

About 12,000 adults who aren’t disabled and don’t have children were in the program before Jan. 1. That number has dropped to 2,680 this month, David Sorensen, spokesman for the Department of Health and Services, told The Associated Press.

Advocates for the poor say there aren’t enough jobs and volunteer positions available to recipients, especially in rural areas, forcing them to lose their benefits and turn instead to their local food banks.

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