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by Shawn Meyer
Clash Daily Contributor

Amy managed a daycare near Scott’s neighborhood. That’s how they met. When Scott picked up his two daughters, they would often chat for a few moments. Their interest in each other grew, but Scott was reluctant to become romantically involved. How would his daughters, still mourning the loss of their mother, respond to someone new in his life? He loved his daughters dearly and eventually agreed to date Amy on the condition that she love his daughters in the same selfless manner and to the same degree he loved them. Essentially, it was a package deal. Amy agreed.

But Amy didn’t live up to her end of the bargain. Working under her at the daycare was Cecile. Though Cecile had a reputation for mistreating children, Amy was loyal to her. Cecile was verbally harsh and physically rough with Scott’s daughters, and Amy knew it. With threats of repercussions, they were warned not to tell their father. In time, the treatment got worse. While Amy didn’t directly participate in the mistreatment, she was well aware of it. Not only did she fail to step in, she agreed to schedule Cecile to work when Scott’s daughters would be at the daycare.

Another coworker confronted Amy in the foyer. “How can you say you love Scott and do nothing to stop Cecile’s mistreatment of his daughters? You know they mean the world to him. Everyone can see that.”

Amy scowled, “How dare you question my love for Scott! I don’t particularly care for Cecile’s treatment of the girls, but I don’t know what you want me to do. If you are asking me to fire Cecile you need to consider the good things she does for this facility. I think even Scott would agree that his daughters aren’t the only things that matter. And who’s to say her replacement would be any better?”

In time, Scott and Amy married. Amy pledged her love to Scott, but at work she extended Cecile even more freedom to abuse the girls. Then the unthinkable happened. One morning, the younger sister’s persistent crying threw Cecile into a rage. She pushed her face into a cushion and held it there until her little legs stopped kicking and her flailing arms fell limp. An investigation ensued. Amy covered for Cecile, insisting to police that the child was alone at the time of death. It was ruled an accident.

Scott was devastated at the loss of his daughter. Attempting to console him, Amy suggested the two of them get away for the weekend. “No,” he insisted, “we can’t leave my only daughter alone.”

“She’ll be fine,” interrupted Amy, “Cecile has the weekend free and I’ve arranged for her to watch her.”

The story is fictional. But what it represents, sadly, isn’t. If you are a Christian in the Democrat party, you are Amy.

Maybe someone has pulled you aside in the foyer to confront you with the question: How can you claim to love God while voting for the party of abortion? You hauled out the predictable excuses: “We can’t be one-issue voters. God cares about more than abortion. The Republicans aren’t any better.” These desperate attempts at justification might soothe whatever is left of your rotting conscience, but they do nothing else.

Abortionists don’t suffocate children with pillows. They cut off their arms and legs and burn them alive in the womb and crush their skulls. They kill God’s children by some of the most barbaric methods imaginable (read about them here: And yet, professing Christians aplenty, vote to empower the party that has aided and conspired with the killers, even to the point of forcing taxpayers to fund their bloody arts.

If Amy’s professed love for Scott wasn’t convincing to you, what do you suggest we make of your claim to love Christ? How can you love him, while empowering those who mercilessly slaughter his children by the millions?

It is long past time for “Christian Democrats” to choose between Jesus and their party. I think we’d find most of them bowing low to the golden donkey. Okay. It is what it is. But, please, stop fooling yourself.

Jesus was abundantly clear in words recorded for us in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 25. He stated that the measure of our love for him will be our treatment of “the least” of his brethren (i.e., those in most urgent need of help). On the day everyone will be called to stand before him, phony love will be shown for what it is. Your excuses will be trampled flat.


shawn meyerShawn Meyer, father of seven and husband of one, pastors a small nondenominational church in west central Ohio. As a public speaker with diverse interests, Shawn has trained and lectured for schools, churches, camps, and charitable groups on topics ranging from bioethics to bow hunting. He is also the author of a pair of politically-incorrect children’s books: “Conner’s Big Hunt” and “Conner’s Spring Gobbler.” Boisterously active in politics and cultural reformation from his youth, Shawn’s fighting spirit is inspired by love of God and country.