COMEDIAN EDDIE IZZARD: ‘I Hate the Right Wing’ and So Does 80-90% of the World

I guess that’s why Fox News destroys its Left Wing competition year after year after year. Maybe, Izzard is talking about the Islamic world?

Actor and comedian Eddie Izzard is five years away from running for office, but he told Ora.TV host Larry King that he’s confident that he can count on popular support.

“I’m kind of ambitious. I’m positive on people,” Izzard explained. “I want me to do well. I want everyone to do well. I hate the right wing. I hate religious extremists and political extremists, and I think the vast majority of the world are with us. It’s like we’re all generally center-right, center-left, center-center. And that’s 80 to 90 percent of the world.”

The other 10 percent, he said, was made up of religious extremists who had “simplistic” political ideas.

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