COMMANDER IN CHIEF OBAMA: Getting It Wrong on Every Side in War Against ISIS

Written by Larry Usoff on March 2, 2015

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst, I would rate our current imposter-in-chief at about a minus 8.   He should go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had, the most incompetent, the most anti-American and the most anti-Israel.   Add to that his secretive past, the allegations which have never been denied, the utter stupidity of his governance, and you come up with a person that shouldn’t be allowed to sell lemonade on the sidewalk, much less try to be the leader of the free world.

Sometimes, when reading the comments on blogs, people come up with some very interesting theories…makes me wonder about them also (the theories, not the people).  For example, why are there no pictures of Michelle Obama when she was pregnant?   Are the children really the biological progeny of Michelle and Barack?   Are their birth certificates even available to the public?   Certainly this group is one of the most secretive ever to reside in the White House, and we probably could know more about any randomly-selected person than we do about them.

The administration’s continued avoidance of looking at the world as it really is, stuns people who DO see the violence caused by one group.  Oh sure, you don’t expect that calling it by its true name, fanatical Islamic terrorists, is going to make it go away, but denying that that’s what it is isn’t going to help either.   Some people, and I’m one of them, believe that this IS a holy war, started about 1400 years ago and it’s been continuing ever since, with the recent spate of barbarism only the latest that we’ve seen.

What to do about ISIS seems to be the question of the day.  Again, my suggestion, and I’m no military expert, is to soften them up with carpet-bombing 24/7 for about a month.   Surround a town in which they have control and let the local armies lay siege to it until ISIS decides to either fight or surrender.  The course they probably will take is to fight since they believe in death like we believe in life.  A month of bombing, day and night, would most likely destroy the hiding places for these monsters and they would be forced out into the open, like the cockroaches they most resemble.   

In WW2, our warships lay off shore and pounded the beaches before our troops moved ashore, and the enemy was dug in much better than they are now, so why wouldn’t aerial bombardment work?

On the subject of armed forces, it would never have come up before, but under this administration, given the purge of middle and upper-echelon officers, where would they stand in the event of a civil war, or an attempted military coup?   The United States has always had civilians as commanders-in-chiefs, but several of them have come from the military, and because of that experience, they knew what had to be done.   Our current commander-in-chief has had no experience in military affairs, commercial ventures, or anything to speak of except community organizing and he compares his job to that of a big city mayor fighting crime.     

Imagine that Country A is at war with Country B.   Then, one day A puts out a nationally-televised message that it’s going to attack B on such-and-such a date, with X number of troops.   How would the leader of A be looked at…as a brilliant strategist, maybe as a not-too-smart commander, or, just as an outright moron?   According to everything that’s been published in the 200-plus years of the United States existence, giving out information to the enemy has always been called treason…has anything changed?   Anyone that doesn’t see that the Muslim-in-chief has preferences toward Islam has to have their head in their nether regions.   How’s the view from there, eh?

Where did all the fire that got the Republicans the control of Congress, go? It is becoming clearer every day that goes by that something has happened to them.   Was it a mass surgical procedure that removed the spine, because that’s what it appears to be.   They were sent there to change things but more and more it’s looking like business as usual.   Put the country first, and everything else second…that’s what your job is, so do it!   There should be blazing headlines, blistering speeches (which actually accomplish something), and, if it has to come to it, fist-fights…but get the country moving again, and in a different direction.

There’s roads to build, bridges to repair or rebuild, real, solid tax reform, and manufacturing to bring back to this country and, so far, nothing in the news tells me about that.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired;



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