#FERGUSON COP SHOOTER: Lawyer Claims He Was Beaten and Abused by Cops when Taken to Custody, Police Say, ‘Completely False’

Watch the outrage on this entire situation turn around and cause more protests now because of this.

A lawyer for the man accused of shooting two police officers during a protest rally outside the Ferguson, Missouri, police headquarters last week said on Monday that his client was beaten when he was taken into custody, an allegation police called ‘completely false.’

Jeffrey L. Williams, 20, had bruising across his back, on both shoulders and his neck, and a welt on his head and a mark on his face, attorney Jerryl Christmas said, adding that he met with him for two hours on Monday but could not take pictures.

‘He was beat up by the police,’ said Christmas. ‘He was beaten when he was taken into custody.’

In a mugshot of Williams released on Sunday his face and neck appeared to have several cuts and bruises, although Christmas didn’t make clear if those were the injuries he was referencing.

Williams had appeared briefly in court on Monday morning without counsel and did not enter a plea. He is charged with two counts of first-degree assault, a class A felony that calls for 10-30 years, or up to life in prison.

The shooting was the latest violent incident in months of demonstrations in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb, after a white police officer fatally shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown during a confrontation in August.

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