Written by Ron Edwards on March 14, 2015

It’s not over America, or at least it doesn’t have to be. The United States is currently at a perfect tipping point. Imagine if you will, a giant scale where our Republic is teetering ever so slightly between two points. If she veers in one direction (to the right) our nation will be revived. God’s wisdom will be sought as in times past and real solutions to the abysmal problems plaguing America will be applied. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights shall once again be the written standard by which the government conducts it’s business on behalf of “We the People.” Our cities will once again be renowned as centers of innovation, commerce, and civility.

The original or traditional family structure has served mankind very well for thousands of years as a stabling force and nurturing environment for future generations. In addition, the traditional family will remain unchallenged by those seeking to overthrow our blessed way of life. No longer will the Constitution, Bill of Rights, true American history, or even Jesus Christ be diminished in the minds of students attending government schools.

If America tips in the right direction, there will be a return of free market economics and the elimination of draconian taxes and regulations. As a result, Americans will be able to participate in a new era of untold innovation, creativity, and equal opportunities for those willing to exercise their God given abilities. I firmly believe that, despite the present day darkness and lack of beneficial leadership in both the government and a significant portion of the church, new and authentic leadership shall soon arise from the ashes of today’s corruption.

If on the other hand, the choice is made to stay the present course and our Republic turned mob rule democracy tips further in the direction of spiritual, political, moral and economic darkness, our exceptional nation could be fundamentally changed for the worse forever. Not only America, but the world would be plunged into an even darker season of instability and drama that would dwarf today’s worldwide upheavals.

For starters, President Obama’s dream or nightmare to change America into a more vulnerable, less Christian, weaker immoral nation of non-importance would continue unchanged. In addition, America’s tipping further into the wrong direction would aid the all out effort to wipe out your ability to freely function within the unalienable rights that come from God and are recognized in the Bill of Rights.

One cannot expect life to spring forth out of death. Thus the forces and supporters of the utter death and darkness of progressivism, open borders, agenda 21, disharmony amongst all Americans, Keynesian economics, abortion, and family instability, plus the evil prejudice against Providential guidance must not be allowed to prevail. The fate of our Republic does not rest in the hands of some far away entity, the United States government, or our beloved Creator. But ultimately, it rests in your hands.

We are plainly instructed to individually choose life or choose death. Thus if you desire a restored America as a land of the free and home of the brave, then by all means please choose life. For yourself, then for our nation. Throughout the years, I have stated in my radio commentary The Edwards Notebook that it is not yet over for the United States of America. The prayers of great Americans from all throughout the Republic are being heard by the ONE who shed his grace upon our nation.

The wisdom of God that years ago took wing and flew back to the Father is starting to return. Soon the upheavals of today will be overcome by clear thinking and the decision to no longer settle for destruction. We must also never forget that what is taught to one generation dictates the direction the nation takes in the next. Shamefully, the RINO Republican appeasement approach to problems and problem makers cannot, will not, and must not be tolerated any longer.

My fellow Americans, there is life and there is death. I suggest you choose life. It worked for the Founding Fathers and it can and will work for us today as we together rebuild the Seven Pillars of Society.



Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards is host of the award winning radio commentary The Edwards Notebook is syndicated throughout America. He is a renowned journalist and a highly sought after speaker with numerous organizations. Whether it is exceptional radio commentaries or columns Ron always "Blows away the Myths and reveals the Truth"