FRANKLIN GRAHAM: Muslims Kill Christians to Copy Muhammad

Here is Franklin Graham speaking the truth about Islam again.

The Rev. Franklin Graham said Muslims set Christians in their killing sights for one basic reason, and one basic reason alone: to “emulate” their leader, Muhammad, he said.

“Muhammad was a man of war and he killed many people,” Graham said, during a recent “Fox & Friends” interview with host Tucker Carlson. “Jesus Christ came as a man of peace and as a follower of Christ I follow him and I want to emulate Him. But the followers of Islam are emulating the prophet Muhammad, and that’s what you’re seeing carried out.”

Graham also warned those of Christian faith and others not to be fooled by the teachings of Islam.

“We have to be very careful and understand that Islam, the teachings of Islam, are militant,” he said, the Shoebat Foundation reported. “I’m talking about, when you read the Koran, when you read the Surra, it’s very militant.”

He went on to say that one of the reasons Christian persecution has risen in the Middle East is that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was killed.

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