GERMANWINGS CO-PILOT: Tore Up Doctor’s Note That Excused Him from Flight Day of Crash

Published on March 27, 2015

The Germanwings co-pilot who flew a plane into the French Alps was reportedly mentally unstable, and doctors knew it.

The Germanwings story is mutating with incredible speed. At first we were assured by the company that young co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who evidently crashed the plane on purpose and killed 150 people, was “100% fit to fly,” with no physical or mental problems whatsoever.  Then we were told Lubitz took an extended break from pilot training for counseling to deal with “burnout” and emotional stress, but that was back in 2008, so it wasn’t necessarily relevant to his behavior this week.

Now, the UK Daily Mail reports Lubitz “was receiving psychiatric counselling right up until the time of the crash.” The treatment he received after his extended break from training in 2008 lasted for a year and a halfconcluding with a recommendation that he should be “examined by a doctor before flying.” He was apparently in the middle of a relationship crisis with his girlfriend, including what appears to have been a broken-off engagement, and might have been a complete breakup with the young lady.

Previous impressions of Lubitz as a happy aviator fulfilling his lifelong dream have been colored with accounts of ribbing from other pilots, who teased him because he worked as a flight attendant before moving up to the cockpit. A friend says they called him “Tomato Andi.” Another of his friends flatly stated to German media that Lubitz “wanted to become a pilot, but he is mentally unstable.”

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