HERE WE GO: 3 Ways the Leftist Agenda Will Target Traditional Marriage Advocates

Published on March 31, 2015

Here’s what will undoubtedly happen to those true conservatives who stand in the way of the gay agenda.

By Ben Shapiro, Breitbart

So, what’s next on the agenda? Here are a few predictions:

Targeting The Churches

As I predicted in June 2013, the obvious next step is for the left to target churches for revocation of their non-profit status.

Once non-profit status is revoked for churches on the basis of supposed discrimination against homosexuals, those churches become private institutions engaged in commerce. Which means that they are regulated as common businesses under anti-discrimination law.

Targeting Universities

Religious universities will certainly be targeted, both as to their non-profit status and then for fines if they refuse to provide benefits for same-sex spouses, for example. Under theBob Jones University case, which has already been touted by the left as the model for a federal case against same-sex marriage, universities will be considered discriminatory if they stand against same-sex marriage the same way Bob Jones University was with regard to its interracial dating standard.

Shutting Down Religious Schools

Just because religious schools are run by religious institutions does not exempt them from the wrath of the left. Leftists have already declared in states in which same-sex marriage has been approved that children must be taught about same-sex marriage in public schools; in California, for example, the law also requires that parents allow children to attend such classes.

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