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HILLARY TO STATE: ‘Please Release All of the Emails That I Want The Public to See’

Hillary has broken her silence on her latest scandal via Twitter, now asking for her e-mails to be released to the public.

It’s OK, Hillary, you only violated the Federal Records Act for four years, but you get a pass because you’re you.

I wonder if they’ll only be releasing the ‘good’ ones? Smoke and mirrors, everybody.

The other White House golden girl, Marie Harf, released this statement“The State Department will review for public release the emails provided by Secretary Clinton to the Department, using a normal process that guides such releases,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf emailed reporters shortly after Clinton’s tweet. “We will undertake this review as quickly as possible; given the sheer volume of the document set, this review will take some time to complete.”

Here was Hillary’s tweet:


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