IRAN IS LOVIN’ IT: Americans and Their Leaders Living in Fantasy Land

Written by Larry Usoff on March 30, 2015

For a lot of Americans, these past few weeks have been all about “bracketing” and fantasy teams…the reality is that, to Iran and others like them, “bracketing” means one nuclear bomb just north of Washington, and one just south of Washington.   It’s almost incomprehensible to me that America, under the leadership (or lack thereof) of a delusional administration, continues to live in La-la Land while the rest of the world is looking at us as if we’ve lost our collective minds…which we have.   Time and time and again, the actions taken by the current administration spell disaster for this country, and for some unknown reason, Congress is unable, unwilling, or just plain cowed, into letting these lawless practices continue.   Wake up America!  

The barbarians are not just AT the gate, they’re inside the White House, and dictating policies that are making this country into a second, or third, world country…perhaps even just a footnote in history.   A noble experiment that was cut short by incompetence, lying, and deceit.   If you look at the administration’s top echelon, you will find The Mystery Man who deals with the United States as if it was his private fiefdom.   Then there’s Lurch, or Mr. Ketchup, who was a bad soldier, a bad Senator and now a really bad Secretary of State.   In the background, if you look closely, you will see two women who are, actually, the REAL president.  That would be Valerie Jarret and Susan Rice…neither of whom have any real background for advising anyone, much less the so-called Leader Of The Free World.

Eurabia, which used to be Europe, is drowning itself in a sea of political correctness, demographics which work against it, and a policy of look-the-other-way, when it comes to murder, rape, and gangs of Muslims, all intent on making their host country return to the 7th Century and the conditions that existed then.   What will it take, other than a “crusade” to get the Infidels to realize what is happening, and what WILL continue to happen, unless the savages are stopped permanently.   If it takes hunting them down, one by one, then that’s what it will take.   If they are allowed to continue their jihad and attempt to subjugate the world, it will be a bloody existence, I promise you.

Fantasy Land belongs to Disney, and nowhere else.   In the REAL world, dreams come true only if you work your butt off and take advantage of every opportunity that’s presented to you.   You needn’t be vicious, but keep in mind that the people you meet on the way to the top are likely to be the same ones you will meet on the way down.   Americans have always been innovators, producers, and proud of what they did, and made.  

That brings to mind something that occurred recently when I celebrated my 81st birthday.   One gift was a beautiful book, a historical look at the US Navy, and it will always be treasured by me.   While checking it out I discovered that it was “manufactured in China” and although it doesn’t detract from the book itself, it does make one think.

China, once a staunch ally, is now a potential enemy…and we get a lot of “stuff” from there.   Suppose, along with China, we were to go to war with some other countries…countries from which we get a lot of “stuff”.   That is a question that doesn’t seem to have penetrated the collective mind of Congress or the American people.   We have to get back to being manufacturers instead of importers, and the sooner the better.   Don’t tell me that we can’t do it because we’ve done it twice before, and each time we came out on top, stronger, with more knowledge and with better resources.

How about looking for THIS, “Proudly Made In The United States” instead of “Made in China”, when you buy something.   We need to move out of Fantasy Land. 

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired, Air Humanity Radio 



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