Written by Audrey Russo on March 18, 2015

It’s coming to Twitter…for 5 days only…a new campaign to change how you think about this oh-so- misunderstood group. And just like Maria in West Side Story, they want you to know that they not only FEEL pretty, but they ARE pretty…

I refer to the majority party of the “Palestinian” government: The terror group Hamas…
— They’re the spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood.
— They are CAIR’s (Counsel on American-Islamic Relations) raison d’être: Hamas’ funding arm in the US.

Their new hashtag campaign, #AskHamas “is aimed at rejecting the labeling of the Palestinian resistance as ‘terrorists’,” Hamas media coordinator Taher al-Nounou stated. The campaign will last till Friday.

Their target audience? Primarily western audiences, especially in the EU, in hopes of encouraging the EU to remove Hamas from its list of “terrorist organizations.”

Remove them from the list of “terrorist organizations”? Hmm…there might be a wee bit of a problem with that…

Here’s why:
— From its inception in 1987, the Muslim Brotherhood’s mutant offspring Hamas has been focused like a laser beam on one target: The destruction of Israel. And not like legitimate warriors on the battlefield, but like cowards targeting innocent men, women and children.
— The Hamas’ Charter states: (Articles six and seven) “raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine” and that “the hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, so that the Jews hide behind trees and stones…”
— They say in their charter that peace has no place in the… Islamic Resistance Movement.
— Their spokesmen spew barbaric barbs reminiscent of the Third Reich…words that drip with visceral hate.

This PR attempt of the Muslim Brotherhood to pretty up their warped brood is the proverbial lipstick on a pig…and in the case of Hamas: ALL the cosmetics on the planet can’t pretty up that ugly sucker…the ugly emanates from its heart.

I’d like to end with two quotes that are apropos when dealing with bloodthirsty, intractable savages…that an anti-Semitic world wants you to hug into your neighborhood. A truly determined, unreformable foe such as Hamas:
“The worst enemy is one whose doctrines are founded in hate and are thus beyond debate.” ~TOBSHA LEARNER, The Witch of Cologne
“The only good enemy is a dead enemy.” ~Laurell K. Hamilton, The Killing Dance.

Shalom through strength…



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