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Just Write #STFU On That Starbucks Cup (Since This Essay Won’t Fit)

Somebody needs to tell Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz to snap a lid on his grande mocha-hole, especially seeing as he chooses not to match his money or his actions to that frothing hypocrite mouth.

In case you haven’t heard about it already, as part of the all-out propaganda war of disinformation being waged (and, massively funded by at least $33 million from his fellow lefty opportunist billionaire and tribal kinsman, Gyorgy Schwartz aka George Soros) under the hashtag “BlackLivesMatter,” Starbucks’ Schultz is urging his legions of baristas to write “#RaceTogether” on customers’ coffee cups, as a way to provoke in-store discussions with customers about the burning racial issues of the day.

On your markers, and get ready to hand those cups right back — with a curt, scrawled reply.

In a video he made, Schultz personally instructs his baristas about the #RaceTogether campaign, saying that even though he’s urgently promoting it, it’s strictly voluntary; they don’t have to write it on cups nor initiate conversations with customers about racial matters if they don’t want to.

Schultz goes on to say:  “…and if a customer doesn’t want to receive a cup that says #RaceTogether on it, give them another beverage, or replace their cup.”

So, if a Starbucks barista tries to get you into a discussion about race by handing you your beverage in a cup with #RaceTogether written on it, you have the option to ask for another drink, or for a different cup.

I say take him/them up on the replacement.  Send their race-baiting cup back to them — but be sure to bring a bold, fat Sharpie pen with you.

Schultz is running full-page advertisements in the New York Times and USA Today to promote the #RaceTogether campaign.  The Times ad consists of a huge, ominous-looking, blacked-out area, containing an isolated line of relatively tiny white lettering hovering in the center, reading:  “Shall we overcome?”  Down along the lower-right margin, “R A C E T O G E T H E R” appears, with the Starbucks logo underneath.

The Starbucks website is overbrimming with content related to the marketing blitz.  Schultz personally appears in video speeches about the campaign, and for months now he himself has been leading employee “workshops” on racial controversies, writing articles and letters, and even plans to host an upcoming shareholders’ conference about it all.

Two key problems with Schultz’ hopey-changey #RaceTogether brainstorm, other than the obvious risks involved in bringing up such a scaldingly boiling-hot topic in public, are that not only is it really just a thinly-veiled pogrom of micro-aggressions directed at white people (despite Schultz’ claims about wanting to foster “sensitivity and understanding“) it’s also contrary to what Schultz himself devotes so much of his energy and resources to elsewhere.  I explain below.

Firstly, consider the real facts on the ground in places like Sanford, Ferguson, and Staten Island — facts, weighed carefully by juries of diverse citizens, instead of the outright lies and spin from the Black Grievance Industry and officialdom.  In spite of those facts, does anyone really expect that such deliberately provoked discussions about the racial tensions in our society, in such politically-correct, lefty settings as Starbucks locations across the land, won’t be dominated by the usual (and by now completely false) narrative depicting blacks mainly as the downtrodden victims of relentlessly pervasive, pernicious racism on the part of presumed-guilty whites?  Does anyone think for a second that the truth will instead preside in such exchanges — the truth that blacks in today’s society instead are more often criminally violent predators, viciously racist attackers of innocent whites and of white policemen?

Second, consider that Schultz is an active Zionist (nothing wrong with that at all, in my opinion, except for his hypocrisy in this matter).  He won a prestigious award, the “Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award,” for his significant support for ethnic nationalism (Zionism) in Israel — while he nonetheless implicitly deigns to lecture us (mainly whites, of course) against any such likewise nationalism here.

Does anyone doubt that Schultz’ #RaceTogether agenda is anything but the abject diversity-worship and forced multiculturalism always preached by the Left, eschewing and demonizing any notion of now-outlawed and taboo (except for non-whites, that is) national identity on this continent?

Now, don’t get me wrong here — I’m all in favor of ethnic nationalism for Jews in Israel, and for any and every other race, tribe, whatever, wherever.  I sincerely wish there to be more of it, especially in certain parts of the world.  We need “room for cream,” if you get my drift.

At this point, given all the issues our society faces with unresolved racial tensions and strife today (and apparently worsening, into the future indefinitely), I firmly believe that blacks in the U.S. should have been given their own, fertile sovereign territory, somewhere, following Emancipation.

Furthermore, I’d go as far as to say that I lean toward white nationalism — that is, I think some amount of racial/ethnic diversity within a country’s borders and population is just fine, and even to some extent desirable — provided that such diversity exists within a securely dominant and stable framework of a prevailing majority racial demographic which gives the country a clearly identifiable language, culture, and character — instead of the utter chaos, confusion, and endless racial tension and conflict spread by advocates of ever-increasing, growing, seething factions of “diversity.”  Specifically, here in America, I believe whites must at least attempt to secure our majority, for the sake of everyone concerned.

In aggressively promoting a multi-racial, multi-national society which glorifies and exalts “diversity,” instead of a specific, unifying national identity for America, while he himself invests boatloads of money and effort into helping his blood- and religio-cultural family in Israel succeed as a nation in the true sense of the word (the explicit, idenitifably ethnic sense), Starbucks’ Schultz comes off as just another dishonest, opportunistic, money-grubbing, filthy-rich leftist blowhard.  His practice is to significantly support ethno-state solidarity for hisown people, while yet using his unfathomable billions in lucre and influence to preach and pontificate against it for the rapidly dwindling ethnic majority here in America.

Wake up and smell the coffee, whitey.  You’re being played again.

Don’t forget that pen.


Donald Joy

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.

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