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LIAM NEESON: Mocked for Gun Control Comments in Fake ‘Run All Night’ Posters

Liam Neeson complains about ‘too many guns’ in America, yet makes millions promoting movies with plenty of guns in them. One LA artist is making a statement about it now.

Politically motivated street artists have plastered “redesigned” movie posters at various Los Angeles bus stops mocking Liam Neeson for his recent pro-gun control comments amid the release of his new action movie, Run All Night.

The studio marketing poster for the film features Neeson holding a handgun in a menacing pose. The artists altered the movie title to read “Gun All Right” with the tagline “One Hypocrite Laughing All the Way to the Bank.”

Neeson recently angered gun rights activists as well as Para USA, which provided firearms for the film Taken 3, after he told Gulf News — in an interview after the Charlie Hebdo attacks— that there are “too many [expletive] guns out there. Especially in America.”

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