LITTLE LORD OBAMA: Tells Veggie Tales to College Kids and Scary Stories About Machine Guns

Published on March 7, 2015

Yeah, that waiting period and background check on buying Kale is so crazy.

During an event in South Carolina, President Obama told students that he was disappointed that Congress refused to pass gun restrictions after the Sandy Hook elementary massacre.

“I’ll be honest with you, I thought that after what happened at Sandy Hook, that that would make us think about [it],” he said during a town hall event at Benedict College.


He explained that he was still trying to do what he could to “crack down” on the availability of guns, but that it was difficult.

In some neighborhoods, he said, it was “easier for you to buy a firearm than it is to buy a book.”

“There are neighborhoods that it’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is to for you to buy a fresh vegetable,” he said. “As long as that’s the case than we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence.”

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