LIVING LIKE ROYALTY: Barack and Michelle Spend $1MILLION of Taxpayer Money to Take Separate Flights to LA on Same Day

Not only do they fly out to Los Angeles to further make a mockery of the presidency and appear on talk shows, but they took separate flights which cost over $1 million in taxpayer money.

The President and First Lady both filmed TV appearances in Burbank, California on Thursday – but billed taxpayers for two separate private flights to get there.

Barack Obama took Air Force One to LAX, at a cost of more than $1million, so he could be on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

But, rather than ride with him, Michelle Obama chartered a different, earlier plane for a slot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, filmed in the same LA suburb as Kimmel’s program.

Despite the closeness, the White House has insisted that the pair’s schedules ‘were not in sync’, CNN reported.

The Commander-in-Chief used his time on the airwaves to read out mean tweets about himself, while Mrs Obama busted dance moves alongside DeGeneres to the tune of Uptown Funk.

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