NASTY: Cigarette-Smoking Socialist Goes on Zany Rant Inside of Plane, ‘The United States Has Declared War on Venezuela’

Published on March 16, 2015

This lady is cuckoo for coco puffs. She goes off on a rant about the US declaring war on Venezuela and then lights up a cigarette in the airplane. You won’t believe what she does when she is approached about the cigarette. Watch her rant below:

And here she is lighting up the cigarette:

Here is part of the story via The Blaze:

A man claiming to have been aboard the plane — the guy who switches seats in the video above — posted on Reddit offering more information about what had happened.

“I sadly was the poor soul sitting next to this woman,” wrote commenter “Upsidedowndog.”

Posting a photo of his shirt and boarding pass to verify his identity, the commenter wrote:

Halfway through the flight from Nicaragua to Miami on 3/14, she began to unintelligibly talk to herself in Spanish. Eventually she began to yell and “protest” on the flight about the United State’s invasion of Venezuela, how the great Hugo Chavez was a friend to the USA, and how Obama kills people on Tuesdays. Eventually the flight attendants came over and gave her an ultimatum: Stop yelling like a psycho or the police will be waiting on the tarmac.

She took them up on this offer, and began screaming even more. While the plane was waiting on the tarmac for the police to arrive, she leans over to me and asks for a cigarette. She pulls one out of her bag and lights up. This is the point where I pull eject and run to the back of the cabin.

The police arrived after 20 minutes and escorted her off the plane.