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NOW IS THE TIME TO REVOLT: Defund BOTH Political Parties

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

If you want to see any real changes in the way this country is being run, you must start now.
Defund the grand old party (GOP) because the Republicans just aren’t very grand anymore . . . quoth the raven. They support the lobbyists who channel large sums of money to their re-election campaigns. My feeling is that they do this because they think you don’t have much choice, since the Democrats will fast track our country to oblivion, many citizens vote Republican because they are the lesser of two evils.
Defund the Democratic party ( Democratic National Committee – DNC ) because they don’t appear to be Democratic anymore if you define Democratic as their taking the positions that most of their constituents want. Like the GOP, they want the support of the lobbyists who give grand old sums to the party to support their positions in spite of what the people want.
Both parties have relied on individuals giving them funds because they just didn’t  have much choice in our two party system. They seem to be saying to the voters – “let them eat cake”.
One or two or 100,000 to 200,000 contributors may not be enough to make a difference. Give or take a few there are approximately 235 million voting age adults in the U.S. of which fewer than 60% voted in 2012. So 235 million x .6 equals about 141 million actual voters. If 25 % of voters make contributions that would be about 35 million contributors. Wouldn’t it be grand if these 25 million voters defunded their parties and gave only to candidates  who supported most of their views, and if their respective parties did not enter their candidate in the presidential election, to do a write-in vote of their preferred candidate.
Defunding both parties would hopefully scare the crap out of the leadership of both parties and might make them consider what is good for the country instead of just trying to manipulate their own reelections. Revolt against the establishment with your donation dollars, give them to the Independents, the Libertarians, the Conservatives, the Constitutionalists, anybody but the current powers that be. It’s not like the majority of the politicians in power actually accomplish anything constitutionally constructive.
Do you have the will to stop the “entitlement society” before it bankrupts the country ? Since our politicians don’t have the will to use the power of the purse, I pray that the people do.
Lord GOD, please humble our current politicians that are so abusing your divinely inspired form of government by twisting the meanings of all that our Founding Fathers stood for. Please do this before they completely ruin this country. In Christ’s name I pray that thy will be done, and that thy will is for the survival of this Republic.


mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….


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