PLANE CRASH IN NYC: Plane Wing Ripped Off On Delta Flight Carrying 130 Passengers, Plows Through Fence, Catches Fire

Published on March 5, 2015

Thankfully there was nothing fatal and passengers inside remained calm. Only minor injuries were sustained by passengers.

A Delta flight went off the runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York City on Thursday morning, stopping just short of Flushing Bay.

FDNY rushed to the scene as Delta Flight 1086, an MD-88 arriving from Atlanta, skidded off runway 13, was leaking fuel and had a broken wing after striking a fence during blizzard conditions.

The airport initially reported that the plane had caught fire, though there were no visible signs from the scene.

The plane was immediately evacuated, and all 127 passengers and five crew members were safely removed within 30 minutes of the plane’s landing, walking out on the broken wing and going down a slide.

LaGuardia was shut down soon after the incident as the plane was leaking 300 gallons of fuel at a rate of a gallon a minute, with all incoming flights being diverted and outgoing flights being grounded.

The fuel leak was quickly contained.

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