PRETTY BOY SLUGS CHICK: Then Bad-Ass Steps In And Makes His Face Look Like ‘The Walking Dead’

Published on March 26, 2015

Here we have a case of a pretty boy acting like the boy he is and punching two women. Meanwhile, a real man see’s it go down and steps in to give the perp a serious dose of justice.

Bro Bible – Hayes McGinley,  redshirt freshman midfielder for the Syracuse lacrosse team, got arrested last Saturday and charged with two counts of second-degree harassment for being a complete prick.

According to the police report on

McGinley tried to get into the woman’s vehicle, but the 29-year-old man tried to stop him and get him away from the woman’s vehicle. McGinley then punched the man in the face. The woman then got into an argument with McGinley. McGinley pushed the woman; the woman punched McGinley in the face and McGinley then punched her in the face. The woman was not charged, [Syracuse police Lt.] Carr said.

Jim Whitcomb, a complete stranger to all involved, had just returned from a delivery at the burger joint when he spotted the scene. That’s when McGinley got a healthy dose of street justice.

Whitcomb told the Daily Orange:

“As soon as he punched her in the mouth, I came out from around everybody and punched him in his face and knocked him out,” Whitcomb said. “And then as soon as he went down on the ground I went over and I was going to football his face. I swear to god, I don’t care, I was going to football his face.

“I don’t believe in woman beaters, I don’t believe in a man putting his hands on a woman.”

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