PROFILE OF A DUMBASS: Here’s The Lowdown On Jake, ‘White Jihadi’

Published on March 9, 2015

Even white kids can join ISIS. Who knew? They’ll accept any idiots willing to slaughter in the name of Islam.

The baby faced jihadi who appeared in a ISIS propaganda photo in December 2014 sitting between two bearded Islamic State militants has been named as Jake, 18, a gifted math student from the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. His family has requested that his last name not be released to the media.

1. The White Jihadi’s real identity came out this week as more news of Australians attempting to travel to Islamic State territory came out. Fairfax Media broke the story.

2. Jake did not come from an Islamic family and converted to the religion after suffering from depression. He converted around the age of 16 and began to attend mosques in the Melbourne area, particularly the Meadow Heights mosque.

In spring 2014, after dropping out of high school and on the pretense of traveling to take up the job with the “journalist”, Jake bought a one-way ticket to Istanbul.

3. Jake’s family is reportedly worried sick about him but an unnamed friend who spoke to Fairfax Media in the original report says Jake is doing what he wants to do.

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