WUSSIFICATION: Britain’s MI5 Aware of ‘Jihadi John’ ’08; Allowed the Douche Bag to Escape

Published on March 3, 2015

By Jim Kouri
Clash Daily Guest Columnist

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist who is believed to be the butcher who beheaded American and European hostages and is dubbed “Jihadi John” was being kept under surveillance by counter-terrorists in Great Britain as early as 2008 but he still managed to leave the United Kingdom and joined ISIS, according to the internal British intelligence agency known as MI5 on Sunday.

The Kuwaiti-born British subject, Mohammed Emwazi, was on the radar of the security services, but was never detained for questioning despite being suspected of having links to the Islamic terrorists what the British call the 21/7 attacks on London in 2005. Intelligence officers claim that a member of Emwazi’s terrorist cell spoke via telephone with Hussein Osman, who is serving a life imprisonment for his planting an IED (improvised explosive device in a London tube (subway) station on July 27, 2005.

The court documents regarding the alleged mishap with the MI5 surveillance operation has many counterterrorism operatives in law enforcement and security questioning how a suspected terrorist such as Emwazi was able to evade surveillance, slip out of the country in 2013 using phony identification and travel douments and then show up in Syria a year later. What’s even more disturbing is that he has become one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

Not only was Emwazi a “person of interest” for MI5 as a member of a London jihadi cell set up in 2007 to recruit for al-Shabaab, an al-Qaida affiliate, but at least one member of his network had a connection with one of the most infamous crimes in British history.

The mother of Mohammed Emwazi, Jo Shuter, told reporters that she recognized his voice when she heard the hostage video from ISIS. She reportedly told Kuwaiti security that she was in contact with their son in 2013 when he called her and her husband from Turkey. At that time he told his parents he was going to do humanitarian work in Syria.

British law enforcement and intelligence officers had been aware of Emwazi being an active Islamist in the Middle East for more than five years and believe he first reappeared on a hostage video in August 2014, but not as a leader. “Before Americans point fingers at the British intel officials and cops, at least they have a pretty good idea where their homegrown jihadists are located, which is more than one can say about the Obama administration’s terrorist targeting,” said a former police detective and director of security for an international firm, Norman Wellston. “Heck, Americans can’t even get their leaders to use the proper nouns and adjectives to describe the bloodthirsty terrorists,” he added.

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kouriJim Kouri has a long career in law enforcement, is a Board Member in the National Association of Chiefs of Police and writes regularly for Examiner.com