WUSSIFICATION: Male Actors Used To Be Masculine, Now Most Are Tiny Tinkerpots Required To Cry On Cue

Published on March 19, 2015

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Remember the old days when you could literally look up to male actors? Why has so much changed since then?

Actors were once strapping hunks, thick-thighed he-men who had only to arrive at a film premiere to make everyone’s eyes bulge.

These Adonises towered above lesser mortals and had their suits made specially for them because they were such muscular specimens.

That’s the way things were when the likes of John Wayne (6ft 4in), Gregory Peck (6ft 3in), Charlton Heston (6ft 3in) and Clint Eastwood (6ft 4in) were in their prime.

They were big men playing big characters, often on top of enormous horses or engaged in butch boxing bouts.

Compare that with the recent Oscars ceremony, when our own Eddie Redmayne was announced as winner of the Best Actor category for his performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything. The audience members sitting near him leapt to their feet to applaud — and little Eddie was suddenly dwarfed.

The actress Cate Blanchett loomed over him — she looked so much bigger than him, he could have been her lunch. And yet Redmayne, at 5ft 10in, is one of the taller modern male stars.

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