‘RACISM PART OF CULTURE’: OSU Graduate Says SAE Pledges ‘Designated with N**ger Name’ and ‘Made to Pick Cotton on Front Lawn’

Published on March 13, 2015

A former Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother who graduated from Oklahoma State says the racism is more than just the recently revealed video.

A former Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother from Oklahoma State University has come forward to say that racism was part of the fraternity’s culture – and not exclusive to one campus.

It comes a day after the University of Oklahoma shut down its SAE frat house and expelled two members for conducting racist chants on a coach trip last Saturday.

The Oklahoma State graduate, now in his thirties and who wishes to remain anonymous, told DailyMail.com that the footage didn’t surprise him and that similar things happened at his school.

‘I can promise you that any SAE who saw the Oklahoma University racist bus chant story thought, “yup, pretty much how it was when I was in house.”

‘Racism is a part of the SAE culture. They say that it’s because SAE is the only antebellum fraternity still in existence.

‘We had numerous “rituals” that were outright racist, including one where we designated pledges with a “n***** name”.

‘Hell… We hung the flags of the confederate states outside our house for a month every year, (note: not THE confederate flag, but the secession states), regardless, the message was clear’.

The graduate’s words provide a shocking insight into the workings of the last remaining national fraternity to be established in the pre-Civil War Deep South, having been founded at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, on 9 March 1856.

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