SHOCKING VIDEO: Shows American Citizens Detained and Arrested by Border Patrol 50 Miles North of Border

Published on March 20, 2015

We treat our citizens like this and yet we are releasing thousands of criminal illegal aliens into freedom. Only in Obamaland.

A man, woman and their 4-year-old boy at an unidentified Inland Border Patrol checkpoint are ordered and pulled from their vehicle, questioned and taken into custody – all for the seeming offense of refusing to say where they were headed.

A video of the incident, recorded by the family’s dashboard camera, opens with the man and woman chit-chatting with their son in the back, later identified as 4, and pulling up to a border checkpoint. The man, who’s driving, has his window a third of the way down.

The uniformed agent says: “How are you, where are you going to today?”

And the man’s response: “I’m sorry, sir. I don’t have to answer that question.”

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