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SHOUT OUT FOR FREEDOM! Hanging Out Old Glory and the Gadsden Flag

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

As practiced most mornings, today I raised two 3 x 5 flags on the front porch of my home. Side by side with the Gadsden flag but slightly higher is the Stars and Stripes. They present two messages.

The Gadsden flag continues to present the firm message that it was originally made for. I stand firm to not be pushed around by tyranny in any form from any source. I am a veteran that decades ago swore allegiance to our Constitution and defended Old Glory and my country. I want it known that I will continue to stand firm to that oath until my passing.

Old glory says that I am a patriot. I believe in that flag and all that it stands for. That flag continues to represent the greatest country occupied by the most free people on earth. But I fear that freedom is being taken away.

Every day I am brought to near tears when I hear the news that, yet in another way, many of our politicians are violating their oaths of office to the Constitution and violating other laws. Those oaths were taken with the Stars and Stripes as the common backdrop to the photo-ops to that ceremony. Almost immediately, many of those politicians began the spin to either change what their oath meant or to give cause to ignore their oath.

Tomorrow, I will begin hanging the Stars and Stripe up-side down. I am both saddened and concerned that the United States is in jeopardy to become a neo-Marxist state under a probable usurper. Yes, this country is in distress and many of the citizens stand silent, watching us sink into tyranny. It is past time to display and shout out your demand for continued freedom under the Constitution and displayed by the flag.



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