SPECULATION: What’s Behind Obama’s Treatment of Iran, Border, Terrorists?

Written by Vic Landry on March 21, 2015

Speculating.  Obama could possibly have an explicit or implicit agreement with terrorist entities to keep the border open.  As long as he is president they will not launch a terrorist attack on the continental United States.  He wants his legacy to be clean of terrorist attacks.  This could be the reason Obama pays so little attention to the threat of terrorism.  He’s not worried about an attack.  What else explains Obama’s indifference to securing the border and the terrorists’ seeming, hesitancy to launch a attack on the scale of 9/11/2001?  He could care less about attacks after his term ends.  It’s not his problem, it’s the problem of the next president, be it a Democrat or Republican.

The primary religious influence in Obama’s life has been Islam.  His mother’s husbands were all Muslims.  He was listed in his elementary school as a Muslim.  Almost all of his statements concerning religion have been complimentary of Islam and he defends it on every turn.  Of course, he steadfastly refuses to term ISIS and other Islamist terrorists as Islamists.

It stands to reason that Valeri Jarrett, a probable Muslim born in Iran, with her Iranian contacts, would be the perfect go-between to negotiate the sub rosa agreement.  She is Obama’s closest advisor and Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.  Why is Obama cursing every country in the Mideast EXCEPT Iran?  Why does Obama seem to hate Israel, yet sucks up to the “mad mullahs” of Iran?  Most say because Obama hopes to burnish his legacy but ignore his ties to Iran.  In almost every case, he favors a decision which will aid Iran and its desire for nuclear capabilities.

At first blush there seems to be a few contra indicators to my theory.  Obama has been heavily using drones to kill terrorists.  However, by killing the terrorists, he prohibits gleaning any intelligence if they were captured, yet, while appearing to be tough on terrorists.  That way he makes sure any captive can’t spill the beans.  Also, Obama has been bombing ISIS.  There are three reasons that happens.  One: word of the targets is, most likely leaked ahead of time.  How many empty buildings have been bombed?  Two: Does anyone doubt ISIS would sacrifice a few “martyrs” to make sure no one of any importance gets killed. Three: ISIS is Sunni and Iran sponsored militias are Shiite, their enemy.

Obama, actually, expects the American people to trust him to negotiate a deal to keep Iran from getting the atomic bomb.  Does he think we can’t see how he favors Iran?  Does he think we are stupid?  Well, I guess he’s right.  He was elected twice. 

In my many years I have come to a
conclusion that one useless man 
is a shame, two is a law firm, 
and three or more is a congress.
— John Adams

Image: http://desinformado.net/2014/09/obama-presentara-plan-para-contener-al-ei/


Vic Landry is a Government Major, Mensa Member and Robertson, County, TX Tea Party President.