STAND BY, THE LEFT’S NARRATIVE IS ON THE WAY: ‘Bowe Bergdahl, Real American Hero’

Written by Andrew Allen on March 26, 2015

The Army investigated and determined it necessary to go after Bowe Bergdahl. Despite Obama and Susan Rice’s lavish praise for his service. And the trade of five top Taliban officials — their equivalent of the Cabinet and Joint Chiefs of Staff — for Bowe.

Keep in mind that facts are unimportant for the “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” crowd. They readily distanced themselves from facts in the Ferguson case for example, so the Bergdahl case will prove to unfold no differently.

At Rolling Stone, Vox, Salon, probably MSNBC, The View, Democratic Underground, Huffington Post, Mother Jones, and a few other outlets, intrepid “journalists” are already putting the narrative together. In those cubicles, with Pajama Boy taped up beside half a dozen snarky decals, what does that narrative look like? It will go a little something like this:

Bowe Bergdahl: Real American Hero

Robert Bowdrie Bergdahl joined the Army. He felt it his patriotic duty. A duty he learned early in his life. Growing up in rural Idaho the son of a truck driver he knew it was what he had to do for an America at war.

But America at war — Bush’s war — didn’t match the flyover country idea of America soldier Bergdahl embraced.

Deployed to Afghanistan, he found racism, sexism, homophobia, and a seething hatred towards Muslims running rampant in the ranks.

Having once studied at a Buddhist monastery, Bowe turned inward. He had to make a statement. He had to make his voice heard. But he couldn’t talk to his peers or superiors — some still had Bush Cheney bumper stickers on their monster trucks they drove back home. In a courageous and risky move, Bowe Bergdahl gave up his rifle and walked off post to bring peace where nearly a decade of America’s war hadn’t. Now the Army wants to treat him like a common criminal.

In a snapshot that’s the story that will appear any day now. Bergdahl will be described as a top-notch Soldier. Courage personified. Risking it all to stand up against the egregious sin of America’s war and for it treatment as any ordinary offender. What a victim!

Nothing will be said of the extraordinarily offensive nature of his crime. Or that the only reason he joined the Army was because the Coast Guard sent him home for “mental” issues.
Stand-by. Bowe Bergdahl is soon to be re-cast as the real American hero.

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