SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION! Did God Send Guardian Angels to Save Toddler From Drowning?

Written by Kevin Fobbs on March 13, 2015

Luke 4:10: “For it is written, ‘He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you’.”

There is always a mystery when a life is saved like that of a toddler who was recently found alive while hanging upside down in a car that had crashed into a Utah river. What is even more startling is that even though 18-month-old Lily Groesbeck was alive in the middle of a freezing river in Spanish Fork, Utah for 14 hours, her mom had perished, but a mysterious voice helped save her according to Fox News.

Of course there are the facts of this very interesting story that at times may even defy logic. First, the beginning of the story starts when Lynn Groesbeck, 25, the baby’s mom, was on her way home that night, when the car unexpectedly left the road and ended up in the Spanish Fork River around 10:30 PM that evening.

After the river accident occurred, the mother died and the temperature around the upside-down car dropped to 42 degrees. It was not until a day later that a fisherman came upon the car and notified emergency responders. What followed next can only be described as a miracle.

Fox News reported that when the rescuers were approaching the scene of the accident the four police officers indicated that each one of them heard a woman calling out and begging for help. Since the mother had perished in the car crash, it seemed very unclear whose voice was requesting urgent help.

Tyler Beddoes, one of the rescuing officers insisted, “When we all talked together, I said, ‘Was I the only one that was hearing this?’ We all had heard the same thing, a voice saying, ‘Help us. Help me,'”,according to Fox News.

The fact that the officers heard the mysterious voice may not be as mysterious to those who are believers in how God works and how he can dispatch his angels to protect the life of an innocent. There are countless examples throughout history which document instances where lives have been helped by a mysterious messenger who arrives at the perfect moment to render aid.

What happened?

What happened factually regarding the life of the toddler is clear to Dr. Mark Zonfrillo, a pediatric emergency surgeon. He suggested that the toddler was able to remain alive in the cold weather because her body’s metabolism, “just shunt all the energy to her vital organs in order to increase her chances of survival,” reported Fox News.

But, those are simply facts. Sure, the fisherman who found the car wreck which was submerged in the cold freezing river had identified it, but even he could not determine certainty of life within the vehicle. So, it appears that only a supernatural intervention on the part of a heavenly being or beings could direct the attention of the officers to the urgency of saving the life of the young baby still alive.

How else could one logically conclude that a woman’s voice was clearly and distinctly heard by all four police officers as they approached the vehicle? “Help us. Help me.”

Thankfully, Lilly has made a remarkable recovery and is laughing, smiling and enjoying time singing with her granddad “The Wheels on the Bus”, according to a family member, reported Fox News.

Did God send angels to save a little girl from drowning?

Luke 4:10: “For it is written, ‘He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you,’.”



Kevin Fobbs
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