THE SUPREMES: Will Supreme Court Put ObamaCare On Life Support Or Pull The Plug?

Published on March 4, 2015

Could this be the end of Obamacare? Lets hope so.

By Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu, FOX NEWS

On Wednesday the Supreme Court will hear King v. Burwell, the long-awaited challenge to the Affordable Care Act. And sometime in June the justices almost certainly will issue their decision on the case, either upholding ObamaCare as it currently stands or ruling that a specific part of the law is unconstitutional.

It’s essentially a choice between putting the patient on life support and pulling the plug entirely, because no matter which way the justices go, this much is certain: We’re in a lose-lose situation. As things stand now, providing affordable health care to all Americans is a problem that just will not go away.

Heads, you lose: If the Court upholds ObamaCare in its current state, it will be unable to maintain financial solvency.

Tails, you lose: If the Court strikes down the law, millions of Americans who get health insurance through will suddenly find themselves uninsured, and we could conceivably go back to the days of rejecting applicants due to pre-existing conditions and knocking kids off their parents’ plans as soon as they turn 18 or graduate from college.

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