THIS RELIGION LOVES THE KILLER CO-PILOT: Pilot Hailed by This Facebook Group as “Hero”

This is a shocker…NOT. A Facebook page, which was later taken down, claimed that the pilot who deliberately crashed into the French Alps was a hero of ISIS.

Andreas Lubitz, co-pilot of the GermanWings flight who locked the pilot out of the cockpit and deliberately crashed the plane into the French Alps, is being hailed by an alleged Islamic State Facebook group as a “Hero of the Islamic State.” The Facebook page, screenshots of which are posted below, was quickly removed by Facebook.

As with many of you, when I first heard of the A320 Airbus crash into the Alps, I thought it was probably jihad, probably Islamic terrorism. The first thing I wondered was, “Is the pilot’s name, ‘Mohammed’?” And, predictably, authorities’ and spokesliars’ first response was to assure us, before any investigation whatsoever that this was for sure “not tied to terrorism,” the usual boilerplate BS. Whenever they quickly, emphatically tell you it’s not jihad, you know it’s definitely jihad.

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