WASHINGTON POST HAMMERS HILLARY: If You Want To Be President, Come Clean On Emails

Published on March 10, 2015

The Washington Post is calling out Hillary on her latest crap slinging.

In a scathing editorial, The Washington Post called on presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to stop “stonewalling” on her use of a private email account for government business as secretary of state.

The Post writes Clinton “has given the department 55,000 pages of messages in response to a request, but those were selected by her and her staff, not by government archivists or officials. All of this reveals a cavalier attitude to the public’s legitimate claim on government records.”

The editorial board noted Clinton’s only comment on the matter thus far has been one tweet, 26 words in length:

The tweet also does not address a number of questions that Ms. Clinton should answer: Why did she use a private account? What discussions did she have with advisers and other State Department or White House officials about it? How many messages, if any, have been omitted from those turned over to the department? Will she permit a neutral arbiter — say, from the National Archives — to examine any withheld messages?

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