‘WE THOUGHT THEY WOULD KILL US’: State Rep GAVE AWAY His Adopted Girls To a ‘Friend’ Who Then Raped The 6yr. Old

Politicians are humans of the most depraved kind. Who gives away their adopted children to a rapist?

An Arkansas politician claims he gave away his two adopted daughters, aged three and six, to a rapist because they were threatening to kill his family, and had already crushed a family pet to death.

Justin Harris, a Republican who sits in the state’s House of Representatives, legally adopted the two girls in March 2013 – but handed them over after just six months to a man who would go on to rape the eldest.

Eric Francis, the head teacher at a Christian school Harris ran, was allowed to look after the two girls, and had custody of them for more than a year before he was arrested for sexual assault.

Francis is now serving 40 years in prison for his crimes against the six-year-old. Both girls have since found a new home.

Harris, however, has been engulfed in scandal this week – as it only just emerged that he had legally adopted the girls – a fact he neglected to mention when publicly commenting on the rape when it first came to light.

As part of his attempt to justify his actions, Harris has claimed the young girls, and their eight-year-old sister whom he also took in but did not formally adopt, were threatening to kill his family.

Harris, who has three biological sons, said the eldest girl, who was eight, said she would ‘kill everyone in the family’.

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