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WHAT’S NEXT: Gays Say Jewish Business Must Print “Death to Israel” Signs

All on the floor, or nothing at all.

By Gary DeMar, Godfather Politics

The title to this article is the logical extension of protests against Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. If a baker is discriminating by refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, then a printer is discriminating for not printing a “Death to Israel” sign.

Homosexuals and their ignorant supporters are upset that Indiana has passed a freedom of religion law. I’m confused. I thought the First Amendment guaranteed that the government could not “prohibit the free exercise” of religion. That’s what it says. It does not add “unless a group that practices same-sex sex objects.”

The right is very comprehensive, that’s why I can’t understand why we ever needed a national Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). But we got one, and because the Supreme Court ruled that it did not apply to the states, states began to enact their own version of the 1993 law signed by then President Bill Clinton.

When Barack Obama was an Illinois state senator, he voted “for a version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It passed the Illinois Senate 56-0 and became law on July 1, 1998.” So why all the same-sex angst over Indiana’s law?

The homosexual movement is similar to the Taliban. Any infraction or any attempt to soften their version of the law will result in forceful retaliation. It’s no wonder that words like “Gaystapo” and “Gay Mafia” are often used to describe what is taking place around the country today. “Don’t go against the gaysters.”

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