Published on March 9, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

Once again congress shows it lack of ability to represent the citizens who sent them into office. Once again they disrespect our wishes by voting to fund Department of Homeland Insecurity and President Barfo’s executive amnesty. It should be a crime to run for office as a Republican and then vote as a RINO Democrat.

Guess who wasn’t one of the House Of Unrepresentatives congressional votes against funding executive amnesty. If you guess that Will Hurd betrayed his electorate yet once again, you’re right.
I hope that the traitorous RINOs realize that they are taking extreme chances that citizens won’t vote for politicians that lie to them on a regular basis. If they don’t field a good conservative candidate for president, I’ll bite the bullet and do write in candidates for all offices that don’t have conservative, constitutional candidates running in them. If this means that the Democraps win, then let it be told now that it will be the fault of the progressive RINO establishment.
I long for the days when we had a do-nothing congress, instead of the do-stupid congress that we appear to be saddled with. With o’Boehner as squeaker of the mouse, and o’Hurd and the other RINOs walking in lockstep with him, it won’t be long til the crap economy gets flushed. How long will it take until the government defaults on it’s debts ? What will the useful idiots say when the Republic can’t borrow the money any more to feed them with food stamps ? 
When will people accept that there is no such thing as decreasing the deficit ? There is only increasing, decreasing our DEBT or just holding our own. When was the last time you called any of your representatives to let them know that you are disappointed in their representation of you ? Too many people are content to just go along to get along, because things aren’t that bad for them yet, not realizing that by the time things get that bad for them, it’s already too late.
No Democracy or Democratic government has ever survived, which is why our forefathers set up a Republic. At that, they had doubts that we would be able retain/maintain it. They knew that it would require an interested and informed public to stop politicians from going rogue. Doesn’t anyone have a conscience any more ? Does becoming a politician automatically mean that your word then becomes worthless ? How many promises have our politicians made and not kept ? How many principles have they betrayed ?

Congressmen should be required to put their assets in a blind trust when they go into office (like the president has to do ). Maybe if they couldn’t do insider trading on stocks they would lose some of their incentive to stay in office.
Article V Convention of States suggestion: Congress shall pass no law that doesn’t apply to them the same way it applies to citizens.

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mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….