WHITE HOUSE FLORIST: Escorted from Building After Quitting Because Her Vision Clashed with Michelle’s

Published on March 24, 2015

There are some tensions reportedly coming from the White House after their chief floral designer resigned.

Despite leaving the White House more than a month ago, official confirmation of the chief floral designer’s unexpected departure has only just emerged.

Laura Dowling, who had overseen flower decorations for events such as official state dinners for six years, ended her employment with no notice according to sources with ‘close ties to current residence staffers’.

Dowling ‘was escorted from the building’ on February 13, reports The Washington Post.

Several unnamed floral designers who continue to provide bouquets to the White House told the Post that Dowling left because her ‘fussy style’ wasn’t in keeping with the first lady’s desire for a modern and clean aesthetic.

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