WOMAN CREATES: “Gun Carry and Babies” Firearm Class

Published on March 9, 2015

Cue the anti-gun rage in three … two … and one.

Melody Lauer is both a gun owner and a mother, a combination of roles that is increasingly on the rise. When Lauer announced that she would be leading a basic gun safety course last month, she hardly expected national headlines, but her class quickly garnered attention. Called simply “Babywearing and Carrying,” Lauer’s course trained parents how to carry firearms safely around young children. According to Lauer, starting the class was a no-brainer after reading reports of children accidentally discharging weapons, and in some cases, injuring and killing themselves or others.

“The idea for this class came out of the number of firearms accidents that have been so prevalent in the media lately,” Lauer told OutdoorHub. “We know that the amount of firearms and carry permits being sold is increasing and we also know that the number of females carrying guns is also on the rise. Those accidents really touched me and I just thought, ‘Well, this really doesn’t need to happen. We’re responsible adults, we can keep our firearms away from our children.’”

Lauer held her first class last month, drawing a dozen mothers and a handful of dads. She said she has already planned future classes, but had to close registration due to the number of children that were being signed up.

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