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YO, BULLET BANNERS: Instead Of Banning Bullets Why Don’t You Mandate Better Armor For Cops?

The gun grabbers don’t actually care about bullets, they just care about more control.

By Regis Giles, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Saturday morning I had the pleasure to appear on FOX & Friends to discuss the bullet ban currently being shoved down the throats’ of Americans by the ATF and DOJ.

During the interview, I made the case that the “tiny bullet” of the .223 couldn’t pierce the vest:

“… to say that this is going to pierce through the armor of cops is ridiculous because it’s a tiny bullet like this big,” … “And to say that the cop’s Kevlar isn’t tough enough to handle that ammunition is ridiculous. And like the FBI said, no one has used this in a handgun to shoot a cop.”

Of course Mark Glaze, executive director of Every Town For Gun Rights, didn’t agree and had this to say:

“The problem is that these bullets still can pierce the armor that many police officers wear…”

Now, Glaze isn’t completely wrong. The bullets can ‘pierce’ vests, but here in lies the question: do the bullets go through the vest?

Below are two videos that will show just how well the police vests perform against a .223 ‘armor piercing’ round and a .30-06 round.

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