BALTIMORE’S CRAP MAYOR: Gave Rioters ‘Space To Destroy’… They Did… But Now She DENIES IT!

The mayor of Baltimore is caught in her own lies as rioters destroy the city.

Though her office tried to walk back her weekend remark that she had ordered police to give protestors “who wished to destroy, space to do that,” it certainly seemed that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake generally maintained that stance through a long, hot night of riots, looting, burning and widespread destruction of property, public and private.

As numerous media outlets reported — and as could be seen from TV coverage of the violence that rocked West Baltimore through Monday afternoon and well into the night — police largely stood by and watched as marauding gangs of rioters threw rocks, bricks and bottles, looted and torched stores, stole and burned cars and even interfered with firefighters trying to contain blazes that threatened to spread out of control.

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