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BEDLAM IN BALTIMORE: Violent Clashes Between Blacks And Cops Turn Baltimore ‘Into Absolute War Zones’

Baltimore has apparently been turned into a war zone as the Freddy Gray protests and riots grow more violent.

Violent clashes have broken out across the streets of Baltimore following the funeral of Freddie Gray – turning the city into ‘an absolute war zone’

Hundreds of protestors threw rocks and stones at dozens of police in riot gear just hours after Gray was laid to rest at a service attend by 2,500 and luminaries of the civil rights movement.

According to the Baltimore police seven officers have been injured in the exchanges – one is unresponsive – and armored trucks arrived on the scene in the westside of the city at the Mondawmin Mall.

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 In a press conference, Captain Eric Kowalczyk confirmed the city is in the middle of a serious situation and said that the police would be using tear gas to break up the riots and rubber bullets.

‘We have officers deployed throughout the city and will continue to keep the city safe,’ said Kowalczyk, who described the city as a war zone.

‘Our officers our working appropriately to arrest those who without provocation attack out police officers.

‘I have seven injured officers, one is unresponsive and some have broken bones. This is not okay. We will find the people responsible and put them in jail

‘This is a lawless group of individuals.’

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