Published on April 19, 2015

According to BHO, there isn’t equal pay for women in the White House because Michelle Obama deserves to get paid. Because going on vacations and traveling on the taxpayer dime isn’t already enough.

On the contrary, here’s what the classy Laura Bush has to say about it. Don’t you miss when first ladies used to serve with honor and class?

Check it out…

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Here were BHO’s original comments:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Let me tell you, now, Michelle would point out First Ladies get paid nothing. (Laughter.) So there’s clearly not equal pay in the White House when it comes to her and me. But before we were in the White House, I wanted to make sure Michelle got paid as much as she could. (Laughter.) I want a big paycheck for Michelle. (Laughter.) That wasn’t a women’s issue. If she had a bigger paycheck, that made us able to pay the bills. (Applause.) Why would I want my spouse or my daughter discriminated against? That doesn’t make any sense.


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