BLACK LEFTIST RUTGERS PROFESSOR: Says God of Conservatives Is An “A**hole” and a God of “White Supremacy and Patriarchy”

Published on April 5, 2015

If Jesus isn’t actually the leftist hippie that they claim he is, I think he is going to have some issues with this prof’s claims about himself.

Christianity’s tent is not big enough to accommodate both the supporters of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper, who in a Wednesday piece for Salon blasted both the state’s pre-fix RFRA and the religious right in general.

“This kind of legislation is rooted in a politics that gives white people the authority to police and terrorize people of color, queer people and poor women,” declared Cooper.

“That means these people don’t represent any kind of Christianity that looks anything like the kind that I practice…This white, blond-haired, blue-eyed, gun-toting, Bible-quoting Jesus of the religious right is a god of their own making. I call this god, the god of white supremacy and patriarchy…This God isn’t the God that I serve…He might be ‘biblical’ but he’s also an asshole.”

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