BLAND QUESTIONS, TALKING POINT ANSWERS! A Remedy: Tough Qs for Every Prez Candidate

Published on April 20, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

Bland Questions and talking point answers, Why are these the only questions asked of candidates?
Spending bills must originate in the House of unRepresentatives. Since the republicraps establishment has controlled the House has there been a balanced budget proposed ? NO
Do the republicraps increase our debt ceiling every chance they get ? Are they any different than the democraps in this respect ? YES, and HELL NO.
Presidential Candidate question – Do you swear that you will veto any non-balanced appropriations bill ? Putting the onus on Congress to practice what they preach ?
The 2nd Amendment – Do you swear to not enforce restrictions on citizens’ 2nd amendment rights to the extent that they may buy, own and utilize any firearm, explosive, tank etc that our government has seen fit to use on it’s own people ? If police can carry full automatics then so can citizens. Same for flash bangs tear gas, explosives ( c4 or other plastic explosives ) that are used by police forces to establish forced entries ?
Will you request that Congress vote articles of war against Iran, to be valid in 30 days unless proof of nuclear disarmament is established thru inspections ?
Will you stop illegal ( warrantless ) seizures by police departments of suspected criminal money ?
Do you swear that you will support and defend the Constitution as it was written and not how the courts have changed it thru legal precedents that needed a constitutional amendment to change and not some activist judge.
Do you swear that you will appoint a special prosecutor to prosecute all all high level officials that break the law. IRS, State Department, Dept of unJustice.
Do you swear that you will not pardon any high level official, or member of congress either before or after a conviction ?
Do you swear that you will halt all Islamic immigration into the U.S. and call for Congress to find that Islam is not a religion, but a system of law and punishment ?
If there is a war declared on Islam ( Muslims ) will you swear to deport or place in internment camps all Muslims ? Will you support taking away any religious tax exemptions from Islam since they are not a “religion”.
Will you stop/ban the practice of administrative subpoenas, issued without a judges signature and sufficient evidence being presented to justify the warrant/subpoena ?
How will you work to cut entitlements – welfare, food stamps, medicaid, public housing, free phones/internet ad nauseum ? When people get hungry enough they will work or steal, and robbery may well lead to their permanent removal from all entitlement rolls ?
Will you work to stop all immigration while citizens are suffering from low labor participation rates ? Will you open up to generic drug manufactures all drugs whose patents have expired ? A “minor” formula improvement will not extend the previous patent, but may create a new patent on the revised drugs. This will not stop generic manufacturer of the “old formula”.
Regardless of the candidates answers to the questions, we the voters should know where they stand. Fortune may favor the bold, yet honest, candidate in an election, or inspire someone else who will unabashedly address the issues of all.
Lord, I pray that you will give our politicians the honesty to answer all these questions and more. In Christ’s name I pray for honest politicians who will keep their word and for an informed  electorate. Amen .


mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….