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CANCER FREE! ARE YOU SURE?: This Book Is Changing the Way People Detect Cancer


By Jenny Hrbacek, RN

My bookCancer Free! Are You SURE?  is now available!  I want to share this information with you and ask you to forward it to those you feel may benefit from my experience and research.  Readers can purchase the paperback version or an e-book.

Within its pages you will find that changing the way the world detects cancer is now possible.

Far too many people – and I was one of them – get a diagnosis out of the blue and are whisked to the operating table or chemotherapy chair in a matter of days. I believed that if I let the surgeon remove my breast tissue, I would be cancer free. A few months later, in the chemo room, I noticed other patients around me were having a second, even a third recurrence of cancer.

The conventional cancer screening methods often catch cancer so late the cancer is pretty far along.  And 90% of people who get a recurrence die within 5 years.

I spent 4 years and some $40,000 learning what my oncology team did not tell me. There are numerous tests available that are much more sensitive and do a much better job of early detection than a mammogram, PET Scan, biopsy, or PSA Count. I share it all in the book Cancer Free! Are You Sure! This book gives readers a clear roadmap – what the tests are, how to order them, the degree of accuracy, what they cost, and more. I also give readers the big picture as to what causes cancer so they are empowered to prevent it. And if they are in treatment, I explain how they can avoid the toxic one-size-fits-all standard of care that opens the door for far too many of us to have a recurrence of cancer.

You can also get the book on Amazon here.