CHRIS MATTHEWS: Dear Hillary, ‘When Countries Give You Money, They Want Something’

Published on April 25, 2015

Chris Matthews just put Hillary and her scandal laden backside in her place. Check it out…

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews said that while he doesn’t believe the Clintons financial dealings are illegal, “there is familiarity to this that’s going to haunt them” and “you got to wonder, is that the terrain they want to work on?” Before declaring “when countries give you money, they want something besides love” on Saturday’s “Up with Steve Kornacki.”

Matthews said, “if you look at the whole train of history of the Clintons, there is a familiarity there. It’s almost like Billie Jean King, or some — a great tennis star knows, hit the chalk line. That’s how you win the game, hit the chalk line, don’t hit the middle. It’s like a pitcher, hit the corner. So, they work the corners, the work the chalk line. And if you do that, you occasionally go over, or you risk going over, and you certainly get the attention of the press. … They do work that. They have been desperate to raise money to keep up with the Republicans. You could argue that if you’re a Clintonite.”

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